Finger Lakes Housing Consortium (FLHC)

The Finger Lakes Housing Consortium (FLHC) is the Homeless Continuum of Care (CoC) for the geographic area composed of Wayne, Ontario, Seneca and Yates counties located in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. The HUD designated name is CoC NY 513.

As the CoC, the FLHC is the main planning and coordinating body for homeless housing and services in the geographic area described above. The purpose of the FLHC CoC is to develop and implement strategies to help end homelessness in the CoC.

The FLHC CoC coordinates the community’s policies, strategies, and activities toward ending homelessness. Its work includes gathering and analyzing information in order to determine the local needs of people experiencing homelessness, identifying and bridging gaps in housing and services, implementing strategic responses, educating the community on homeless issues, providing advice and input on the operations of homeless services, and measuring CoC performance.

CoC Documents
HMIS Survey CoC Governance Charter
HMIS Policy and Procedure Manual
CoC Written Standards
Project MonitoringTool
Coordinated Assessment Tool – VI-SPDAT Families
Coordinated Assessment Tool – VI-SPDAT Individuals

CoC Funding Documents

2019 Local Application RFP                                                       2019 Renewal Project Application                                                            2019 New Project Application                                                                       2019 Local Application Budget Workbook
2019 Reallocation Process
2019 Project Scoring Criteria
2019 Appeals Process
Final Project Rankings
CoC NY- 513: 201 NOFA Summary

Coordinating services for homeless housing

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