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Finger Lakes Area Counseling
& Recovery Agency

 About FLACRA 

About Us

Founded in 1973, FLACRA is a private, not-for-profit agency serving individuals and their loved ones in the Finger Lakes Region whose lives are affected by substance use, mental health, and other health related disorders.


FLACRA employs 500 full-time, part-time and per-diem staff comprised of program supervisors, credentialed substance use counselors, peer specialists, nurses, vocational, therapy aides and administrative staff – all dedicated to the individuals and families in recovery.


Our executive management team has decades of knowledge and experience and leads with strong commitment and dedication to the agency values.


To provide quality care for youth, adults, and families in the Finger Lakes area whose lives are affected by alcohol and/or Substance Use Disorders and/or Mental Health Care needs. Our holistic approach incorporates providing physical and social healthcare services.


  • Innovation, Empowerment, and Accountability

  • Collaboration and Community Relationships

  • Customer Care, Quality, and Positive Outcomes

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Equal Access

  • Authentic & Direct Communication


Dedicated to maintaining quality and integrity in all aspects of our operations.
FLACRA is committed to conformance with high ethical standards and compliance with all governing laws and regulations in the delivery of Substance Use and Mental Health Services. 
It is the personal responsibility of all who are associated with FLACRA to honor this commitment in accordance with the terms of the FLACRA Canon of Ethical Principles and Code of Ethics, related policies and procedures, and standards developed by FLACRA in connection with the Corporate Compliance Program.

Click here to see FLACRA Corporate Compliance Plan

About Us
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FLACRA Leadership Team

Executive Leadership 

Jennifer Carlson, President & CEO

Ruth Donk, COO

Jessica McCall, CPO

Geoffrey Kogler, Executive Vice President

Jason Briggs, Executive Vice President

Crystal Clark, Executive Vice President

Desirae Adams, Vice President of Residential Services

Michelle Colegrove, Vice President of Nursing & Medical Services

Kristina Loughlin, Vice President of Outpatient Services

Charles Weaver, Vice President of Information Technology

John L’Hommedieu, Vice President of CCBHC

Yvonne Fitzgerald, Vice President of Facilities

Senior Leadership 

Melanie Reabold, Senior Director of Human Resources

Cherish Allen, Senior Director of Quality Assurance

DeShawn Lewis, Senior Director of Inpatient Services

Breanne Guetzman, Senior Director of Reintegration

Diane DeRuyter, Senior Director of Integrated Treatment Services

Alexi Michaelson, Senior Director of Housing & Community Based Services

Dorothy White, Senior Director of Regional Outpatient Clinical Operations

Kris Amos, Senior Director of Crisis Services & Mobile Clinic

Noah Welker, Senior Director of Recovery Community Centers

Nichole Hudson, Regional Director of Outpatient & Forensic Services

Lindy Powers, Regional Director of Outpatient & School Based Services

Board of Directors Chair

Amaris Elliot-Engel

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