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About Finger Lakes Area Counseling and Recovery Agency

Founded in 1973, FLACRA is a private, non-profit agency serving individuals and their loved ones in the Finger Lakes Region whose lives are affected by substance use and other health-related disorders.

FLACRA employs more than 250 full-time, part-time and per diem staff comprised of program supervisors, credentialed substance abuse counselors, nurses, vocational and therapy aides and administrative staff – all dedicated to the individuals and families that FLACRA serves.

Our Executive Management Team has decades of knowledge and experience and leads with strong commitment and dedication to the agency values.

Together we will

  • • Create an environment where those in need will come to us
  • • Best serve all that come to us in need of help
  • • Provide all we serve the opportunity to complete treatment

“Recovery is tough but with the right help it is possible. Thanks FLACRA for being there for me.”

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