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Peer Support Services 


Services Include

  • Developing recovery care plans

  • Linking individuals to social support systems within the community

  • Teach coping skills to individuals and families

  • Assist with applying for benefits

  • Provide crisis support after hospitalizations or incarcerations

  • Assist with court appearances and medical appointments

  • Provide formal recovery support services

  • Provide various tools and methods for recovery

FLACRA’s peer support services offer guidance, coaching and advocacy to individuals with substance use disorders or any other addiction-related barriers, and their families. Utilizing an innovative and individualized approach, Certified Recovery Peer Advocates (CRPA) use personal experiences to relate to clients and help them navigate recovery options. This connection serves to create a sense of trust, security and self-assurance.


Peer Engagement services utilize the practice of motivational interviews and provide clients with constructive feedback and advice. This service is offered in Wayne, Ontario, Seneca, Yates and Schuyler counties.

Peer Reentry services offer Medication Assisted Treatment and behavioral therapies to clients who struggle with addiction during and after incarceration. Our Peer Reentry team helps navigate access to care and provides education, counseling and support for post-incarceration challenges and the transition back into the community.


Though our In-clinic Program, Certified Recovery Peer Advocates serve as liaisons to help counselors (family, friends or loved ones) better understand the experiences and needs of the individual receiving treatment. Counselors learn to address recovery roadblocks and triggers, and to help support the individual’s primary therapy, clinical and domestic needs.

Our Center of Treatment Innovation (COTI) offers a support system to help those in crisis and reduce opioid-related deaths. Services include overdose prevention, treatment and community recovery support for addiction to prescription opioids and illicit drugs such as heroin.

Kayla Ross, is an amazing Certified Recovery Peer Advocate working in our Home and Community Based Services department. She has been with us for 9 months and states “this is my dream job. I really enjoy helping people.”

This video features Kayla’s own journey.

Together We Will

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