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Unlock Your Potential:
Internship Opportunities

Becoming an intern is easy! It only takes a few steps:

1. Apply and get accepted for your position

2. Pass your background check

3. Complete on-boarding

4. That's it!

Dive into real-world experiences with our dynamic internship programs. Gain hands-on knowledge, build essential skills, and forge connections that will propel your career forward. Open doors to a world of possibilities and discover the transformative power of experiential learning.

Internship Opportunities Include:
Social Work
Mental Health Counseling
Outpatient Counseling

Finance & More!

Our open internship opportunities are designed to be more than just a job; they’re a pathway to
your future success. Whether you’re interested in business, technology, or creative fields, our
diverse range of internships caters to your ambitions. Join us and turn your academic
knowledge into professional expertise.

Contact us today to learn more.
FLACRA /Human Resources
28 East Main Street
Clifton Springs, NY 14432
(315) 462-9116

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