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Family Support Navigator 


Services Include

Help Families and Individuals Understand

the Progression of Addiction


How to Adjust to a Loved One’s Return Home

From Treatment


Open Conversations Between Family Members

& Communicate Needs


Help Navigate Barriers to Community

Assistance Agencies and Insurance Providers


Referrals to Support Groups, Treatment

Options & Community Resources


We can hold informational presentations at your

agency on how staff & others can utilize our


Support Services Focused on Family Issues

Resulting from Addiction


Do you have a loved one struggling with addiction?

Have you had to change your way of living due to a

family member or loved one’s addiction?


You are not alone.


We assist families whose loved ones are in crisis by being the

person that they can turn to for answers on what is happening

and what the next steps are.


This free, confidential program is funded by the New

York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance

Abuse Services (OASAS)



In short, Family Support Navigators provide support & guidance to families throughout the recovery process and connect them to a variety of vital resources.

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