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Friends of FLACRA


Nuestra Mision
Amigos de FLACRA is a community-based group that provides a positive, fun, sober and supportive group of peers for those who have successfully completed FLACRA’s programs. It is organized through FLACRA and maintained by FLACRA friends. All individuals completing FLACRA’s programs will be offered an opportunity to participate in Friends of FLACRA to support their transition or reintegration into their community and family. Friends of FLACRA serves the community by participating in events, fundraisers, volunteerism, peer support and focused studies.


These meetings will provide support for ongoing recovery, but will not be treatment or a self-help group. Our goal is to provide positive activities and peer support for our Alumni. This community of caring will grow and create a network of support for sustainable recovery. FLACRA will provide space and a staff facilitator to lend support to the group and assist in the interface with the community.


Manejo de Grupo 

FLACRA will encourage the Alumni Association to be an ongoing positive support for the recovery community. Therefore, if any member is unable to maintain recovery and is suspected of being under the influence of substances, their participation in the FLACRA Alumni Association may be suspended.


Refreshments will be served.


For more information, please contact Irene Likoudis

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